Looking Ahead

With a five year revision cycle, countries are already looking toward both implementation and further enhancing their NDCs to achieve the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

The support provided by the NDC Partnership through CAEP continues through its in-country engagement work.

“Countries’ new NDCs are now based on strong underlying data; are detailed, achievable, and verifiable; and have been developed under an inclusive and transparent process with all segments of government and society; they are ready to implement these commitments and will need to effectively mobilize finance to do it."

Amanda McKee
Director of Knowledge and Learning

Towards 1.5

Moving from plans to action will require further strengthening implementation and investment plans. With Finance being the most request area of support for the Partnership, we know this is a global challenge which requires us to go further, together.

With enhanced NDCs submitted, countries are quickly moving to implementation. 

Many elements critical to successful implementation have already been reflected in the NDCs, including improved quality and strengthened processes. 

Moving from plans to action will require further strengthening of implementation and investment plans.

These two areas encompass many themes, ranging from establishing stronger sub-national cooperation and commitments to facilitating engagement in international carbon markets and developing Long Term Strategies (LTS). 

At the same time, countries will be looking to build on efforts undertaken to update their 2020 NDCs to further ratchet up ambition in 2025. 

The positive impact CAEP had on countries’ ability to update their NDCs and raise their ambition should be directly carried forward through interim implementation support, and further NDC enhancement support in 2025.

Implementation Plans

Several countries developed NDC implementation plans in parallel with their NDC to reflect the new targets and actions, while others will develop or update existing plans over the coming months.

NDC implementation requires a clearly defined enabling environment.

Expanding sub-national commitments can mobilize additional knowledge and resources for NDC implementation.

To support implementation, countries can focus on developing Long Term Strategies ahead of the next NDC revision round.

Investment Plans

In addition to developing or updating their implementation plans, countries are strengthening their ability to attract investment through the development of investment plans, costing of targets and institutional strengthening.

Costing NDC targets can help unlock financing for implementation and support greater ambition in targets.

Additionally, to support institutional strengthening, embedded advisors can be deployed within sectoral, planning or finance ministries.

Exploring various financing options is not only a way to secure resources for implementation, it can also provide opportunities for integrating Just-Transition strategies. Just-Transition considerations present the opportunity to systematize the inclusion of equity and marginalized communities.

As countries move to implement their climate commitments, their ambitions must be matched with necessary financial and technical assistance.

Action Areas

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Enhanced NDC quality supporting detailed, achievable, and strategic targets

From analytical and technical support to engagement and capacity building, CAEP support has been linked to enhancements within all assessed countries.

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